Spy x Family episode 6 release time and preview for “The Friendship Scheme”

What time will Spy x Family episode 6 “The Friendship Scheme” release around the world via Crunchyroll and what has the preview trailer teased?

The Spring anime slate is dominated by one show and one show, in particular, the fantastic Spy x Family adaptation by CloverWorks and Wit Studio. The next broadcast in the series will mark the halfway point in the first season’s first part, with another 12 episodes set to release later this year as part two.

However, all eyes are back on this weekend’s adventure and what Eden College has in store for young Anya as she prepares to meet her new classmates. So, what time will Spy x Family episode 6 release on Crunchyroll and who will these new characters include?

Spy x Family episode 6: Release date and time

Episode 6 of the Spy x Family anime adaptation is scheduled to release both domestically in Japan and internationally via the Crunchyroll streaming service on Saturday, May 14th.

The new episode “The Friendship Scheme” will premiere at the following times around the world, as confirmed by the series’ official Crunchyroll page:

Crunchyroll currently offers a 14-day free trial of their premium membership plans, which are required to watch simulcast episodes of the Spy x Family anime. Currently, three plans will grant access to the new episode, Fan (£6.99 a month), Mega-Fan (£7.99 a month) which allows offline viewing and Mega Fan (£79.99 a year) which is 16% cheaper than the monthly option.

Spy x Family preview shows four new characters

The official preview trailer for Spy x Family episode 6 was shown after the fabulous ending theme sequence concluded last week, titled “The Friendship Scheme.”

Thankfully, avid fans of the series were quick to share the trailer on social media, with episode 6 set to introduce four new characters into the series.

The four new characters are part of Anya’s new class at Eden College; Damian Desmond (son of Loid’s target), Becky Blackwell (daughter of a military company CEO), Emile Elma and Ewen Egeberg (both are part of Damian’s ‘entourage’).

You can find more information here.

A short recap of episode 5 last week

Spy x Family episode 5 was titled “Will They Pass or Fail?” and opened with the Forger family finding out that they had failed to make the first round of admissions to Eden College.

Thankfully, Master Henderson catches them before they leave and reveals that Anya is top of the additional admission list; if a family drops out, then she will be immediately welcomed as an Eden College student.

The family didn’t have to wait long when three days later Loid receives a phone call telling him that Anya has been accepted. Almost immediately, there is a knock at the door by Franky a.k.a. Scruffy Scruff, who is here to celebrate their accomplishment with food and copious amounts of wine.

Franky and Anya guilt trip Loid into giving Anya whatever she wants; which turns out to be a version of “save Anya from the castle” as part of her obsession with the Bondman spy cartoon. Loid wastes no time in securing a plane to take them to the castle shown in the cartoon, which had been remodelled as a theme park.

Agents from his organisation attend the castle and under the instructions of the evil Scruffy Scruff, try to stop Loid from rescuing Princess Anya. From rubber ball gunfights and hand-to-hand combat to a pop quiz and ziplining through explosions, Loid is able to make it to the final stage.

There he is met with a ‘Witch’, a.k.a. a very drunk Yor, who goes all out to stop Bondman, but who quickly falls asleep when her high heel snaps…Scruffy Scruff goes down with a single back-handed strike as Anya runs to her father with tears in her eyes.

The episode ends with Loid congratulating Anya on getting into school, as she promises to do her best for the (secret) mission and to make him proud.

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