Overwatch 2 Beta Update & OW2 Patch Notes For May 13

A new Overwatch 2 Beta update has been released today and it contains more major hero changes for fans to track.

Three popular characters have had their abilities tweaked today, and luckily for us, all of them are contained in the official OW2 patch notes.

And you can read all about what Blizzard has done with Mercy, Sojourn, and Baptiste below.

Overwatch 2 Beta Patch Notes For May 13

New changes have been made to the Overwatch 2 Beta today and they are all focused on the three heroes mentioned above. Blizzard is experimenting with making Mercy’s super jump an official part of her moveset, having seen players trying to pull it off for years. Using the popular boost technique while performing Guardian Angel has become easier, thanks to today’s Overwatch 2 update.

And the rest of the big changes can be found listed below as part of the official Overwatch 2 Beta patch notes shared today by Blizzard for the PC testing build:

New Hero Changes


Regenerative Burst
This change helps reinforce Baptiste as a Support hero that can save allies in clutch moments. This new functionality is intended to synergize with Immortality Field, allowing for faster recovery after saving his allies (or himself!) from imminent danger


Guardian Angel
This is an initial implementation of new functionality designed to give Mercy players more options in how they use Guardian Angel. Some Mercy players were already able to do similar boosts by using a somewhat complicated technique often referred to as ‘Super jump’. This new functionality will allow all players to more consistently perform similar boosts, while the original technique is still there and remains untouched.


Sojourn has been a little weak since her initial addition to the roster. While this change doesn’t seem huge, increasing her rate of fire increases her alternate fire charge rate and ultimate gain, as well as purely increasing her primary fire’s raw DPS.

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