Is Outer Range renewed for season 2 on Amazon Prime Video?

It has certainly been an interesting one.

Audiences have had some pressing questions ever since they saw Josh Brolin’s Royal Abbott approaching that mysterious giant hole on the family’s land.

Tuning in each week, Outer Range has unravelled, championed by fans as an unmissable sci-fi western.

Created by Brian Watkins for Amazon Prime Video, it began premiering on Friday, April 15th 2022 and concluded with episode 8 on Friday, May 6th.

So it’s now worth asking whether Outer Range season 2 has been confirmed.

Is Outer Range renewed for season 2?

No, neither the creators nor Amazon Prime Video has announced Outer Range season 2.

Although this is sure to upset the show’s fandom, it’s worth addressing it’s still early days. There’s no previous season to measure the show’s success against, so it’s likely Amazon is considering figures closely.

As for whether the show warrants renewal, it’s clear to see there are still a number of questions and loose ends that demand answers and attention despite most of the major threads being resolved by the final sequence.

Brian Watkins weighs in

During a recent conversation with Inverse, Outer Range creator Brian Watkins admitted he was unable to say whether a second season would be on the cards.

He explained the pressure cooker in the last scene was there to simply suggest the “pressures that have been pressing on the Abbott family the whole time”.

While he avoided discussing potential storylines or subject matter we might expect to see in the event of the show’s renewal, he did reveal he’s “grateful the fans seem to want that”.

Whether people will actually get what they want, on the other hand, remains to be seen.

Imogen Poots (who plays Autumn) told Digital Spy season 2 was “up in the air”. She added: “I think we kind of made this on a whim. We all just thought it was so original, and we all wanted to make it.”

‘Better be a season 2, period’

When Brian said the fans seem to want a second season, he wasn’t wrong. A wealth of fans have wasted no time in jumping on Twitter to demand the show’s renewed for more episodes.

Check out a selection of tweets:

Outer Range is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

In other news, Spy x Family is on Netflix, but streaming is sadly limited to certain locations