Where to watch A Message from Brianna on streaming

It’s been a big year for film fans, particularly for those who love horror.

The genre is in good health and audiences have been invited to check out some notable efforts so far.

However, it’s always worth diving beyond the big titles to seek out lesser-known potential gems. Indeed, viewers have recently turned their attention towards A Message from Brianna, with the trailer teasing an intriguing piece of work.

Now that it’s streaming, let’s highlight where to watch A Message from Brianna at your own convenience.

Where to watch A Message from Brianna

A Message from Brianna is available to stream exclusively on Bet+ from Thursday, May 12th 2022.

It isn’t streaming on the likes of Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, so it’s worth signing up.

If you haven’t already, a subscription for BET Plus costs just $9.99 a month and you’ll be thrilled to learn that it runs ad-free, so no interruptions will affect your viewing.

Alternatively, you can actually purchase an annual subscription and save 20%, paying just $94.99 for the entire year.

As for what to expect, this horror movie was directed by DeShon Hardy and focuses on an African American couple who move into their new home and are shocked to discover that their two-year-old daughter carries messages from the other side.

Who stars in the A Message from Brianna cast?

You can check out the cast of A Message from Brianna and the roles they tackled below:

What has DeShon Hardy directed?

The filmmaker behind A Message from Brianna previously helmed such movies as Dwellers: The Curse of Pastor Stokes, The Lake on Clinton Road, and Dear Best Friend.

For those who have seen his 2015 directorial feature debut – The Lake on Clinton Road – you may remember seeing him have a cameo as Officer Miller.

A Message from Brianna is now streaming on Bet+.

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