Queendom 2 episode 7 time, preview, ranks and where to watch

After a long week of wait, Queendom 2 episode 7 will be released on May 12th. This week, fans will FINALLY get to see the dance unit stages after the vocal units performed in episode 6. Take a look at Queendom 2 time, preview, speculated ranks, and where to watch below.

So far, Kep1er and Loona have performed EXO’s Don’t Go, Brave Girls Minyoung and Hyolyn have covered BOL4’s To My Youth, and Viviz and WJSN made fans emotional singing IU’s Hold My Hand as part of the vocal units stages.

Release time of Queendom 2

Queendom 2 episode 7 will be airing on May 12th at 9.20 PM KST/ 8.20 AM ET. Here’s a look at when it will be out in different regions.

Preview of Queendom 2 ep 7

All eyes are on Queendom 2 episode 7 as the Street Woman Fighter stars come together with the Queendom 2 lineup to create the dance stages for round 3.

While the expectations are skyrocketing from the K-pop stars, the preview indicates that Loona x Brave Girls will go through quite a lot before their performance, especially after Monika points out that their center stage position was wrong in the practice sessions.

Will the final stage come out as flawless? from the preview snippets of their execution, it looks like Tell Me Now will elicit wild responses from all the viewers.

Check the setlist for Queendom 2 ep 7 below.

Dance Unit setlist

Watch more preview clips below.

Vocal Units rank

(Update, spoilers ahead)

Episode 7 revealed the rank of vocal units from round 3.


2. HYOLYN x Brave Girls

3. LOONA X Kep1er

Dance Unit ranks

1. LOONA x Brave Girls


3. VIVIZ x Kep1er

Final ranking

1. Brave Girls (4000)

1. WJSN (4000)

3. HYOLYN (3000)

3. LOONA (3000)

3. VIVIZ (3000)

4. Kep1er (1000)


Queendom 2 will be airing on Mnet and the Mnet K-pop YouTube channel on May 12th.

Fans can watch all the performance clips on the Mnet K-pop YouTube channel. Rakuten Viki will air all the episodes. Watch the show on Viki here. Keep an eye on this space for all the highlights and clips of the show.

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