Harry Styles fans ‘crying’ as tour tickets sell out and scalpers resell at staggering £1500 price tag

The former One Direction star is about to drop his new album ‘Harry House’. Those attending his ‘One Night Only’ show in Brixton will exclusively hear the entire tracklist live before anyone else does. However, Harry Styles tickets for the 2022 show sold out online in minutes, and reappeared on re-selling sites.

Harry Styles fans have been left in tears after ‘One Night Only’ sold out within minutes with tickets now being put up for £1500 by resellers.

The singer had already released his popular song ‘As It Was’ and also ‘Late Night Talkings’ and ‘Boyfriends’ during his Coachella set last month.

‘One Night Only’ sells out in minutes

Harry will make a special stop at Brixton’s O2 on May 24 as part of his One Night Only tour. The exclusive performance will have him singing songs from his new album ‘Harry’s House’, which releases on May 20.

O2 and American Express customers have been lucky enough to be able to buy tickets earlier than others. Also, those that pre-ordered ‘Harry’s House’ were also eligible to get the pre-sale tickets via Ticketmaster.

The general sale started on May 11 at 10 am, 24 hours after the pre-sale, MyLondon reports.

“The price of like 6 months’ rent”

Those who did not get that chance to get the pre-sale tickets have had to wake up extra early. Still, it was too late.

Unlucky fans were left devastated as the tickets were sold out within minutes. Just to find out that they were being sold for a very overwhelming price.

Naturally, many took to their Twitter accounts to express their anger that tickets were being resold for £1,500 from their original £50 price.

Another angry fan tweeted: “I just want to know how people have the audacity to buy £50 concert tickets and then go and try to sell them over £1000, like someone’s trying to get nearly £6000 for ONE ticket to the harry styles one night only in london, like what the actual f***”

A third wrote: “This s**t makes me so mad. I was number 637 in the queue and didn’t even get a ticket *still crying*”

Fans will go the extra mile (and cash) for their idol

Nonetheless, some fans who are eager to see their favourite artist perform his newest album for the first time live are willing to spend the extra amount of cash. Whatever it takes.

While some fans were begging for tickets, others quickly went on to criticize the official ticket selling points for not adding a limit on their purchases, “so that actual fans can get them.”

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