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BREAKING!! Biggest Manhunt In The Country just Started..

9-16-2014, At a press conference in Blooming Grove PA, Police Commissioner Frank Noonan laid out the scenario in which they said lead them to believe that Eric Mathew Frein is the person responsible for the shooting of two PA State Troopers, ending in the death of one of them.

Militarized Police In Scranton Over a Youtube Video !!


9-14-2014.. Adam Swieciaszek, a Scranton resident was arrested by the Scranton PD/Military. In a summary trial before Judge Ware in May, Adam Swieciaszek, 32, 415 Marion St., was found not guilty of criminal mischief after he was accused of taking an ax to his ex-girlfriend’s car in March. Swieciaszek’s ex-girlfriend did not appear in court.
A video showing the not-guilty disposition and follow-up conversation between the judge and the defendant was posted to YouTube by “polishadam28″ the same day court records list the disposition being filed.At the end of the video, the person recording the proceedings turns the device around and records his face.Detectives received the information on Oct. 25 and arrested Mr. Swieciaszek. Judge Ware told detectives that he neither gave permission nor knew the proceedings were being recorded.Mr. Swieciaszek was charged with intercepting communications, a felony. He remains in Lackawanna County Prison in lieu of $45,000 bail. He is scheduled to be formally arraigned Dec. 20.Unknown to Judge Ware, during the summary trial Mr. Swieciaszek videotaped their exchange, which is a felony.

I believe it is note worthy to mention that after an arrest in 2009, Swieciaszek said..
“This is why America sucks and it should be bombed,” police report Adam as saying as they took him into custody. Although I always argue that violence is only justified in self defense, I believe America is in the beginning stages of seeing “blowback”, which is a term used to describe the reaction of people when they are oppressed. With this militarized police state that has become the new norm in America, all we have to do is look to other oppressed people whether it be history or current, it almost always goes the same way.


BREAKING !! State Police Barracks Ambushed & Attacked

9-12-2014, A Pennsylvania State Police trooper was killed and another injured late Friday night outside the Blooming Grove, Pike County, state police barracks. There seems to be no suspects, just one person that is being questioned as a “person of interest”. Saturday afternoon, state police identified the two troopers as Cpl. Bryon Dickson of Dunmore, who was killed, and Trooper Alex Douglass.

All You Can Do Is Laugh At This Point !!

9-27-2014.. Trying to contain ourselves reporting the stories of the week and not really succeeding. Between the story of “Douglas McArther McCain” running off to “fight with ISIL”, “Bullets and Burgers” and a 9 year old girl shooting an Uzi on fully automatic and “killing the Instructor“. As well at talking about Brad Meltzer, former host of the TV show titled “decoded” admitting he worked, maybe still does, for the DHS with a job of writing off the wall narratives that revolve around terrorism. These stories are off the meter ridiculous !!

BREAKING !! A Second Message To America (FULL VIDEO)

“A Second Message To America” 9-2-2014..  The second Journalist reportedly held by the group ISIS/ISIL has reportedly been be-headed by the group. Once again we have many questions with this story as with the other “beheading” story. In this case, as of right now, we have even less to go on.

WARNING !! Possibly Graphic Material If You Continue..

Steven Sotloff Beheading


BREAKING !! Imminent Terrorist Attack On US Border Warning…

6-30-2014.. Imminent Terrorist Attack Warning By Feds on US Border, The UK has raised their “Terror Alert” to severe while the talking heads continue on the Corporate owned media continue to terrorize the World and prepare them for what ever it is the globalists and Multi-Nationalists have in mind.

BREAKING.. “James Foley Be-heading Video” Hoax Set Up

8-25-2014.. A week after the reported beheading of James Foley, the Corporate owned main stream propaganda machine are starting to back peddle on the beheading video”

“James Foley Be-heading”, We Are Being Played

8-24-2014.. As the drums of more war continue to beat, and people continue to talk about the brutal “beheading” of James Foley by ISIS. Within a couple days of supposedly ready for war and more be-headings, Journalist Peter Curtis is released after 2 years of being held captive. As the World burns, things don’t seem to add up, as usual.


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