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Gaza Helping Ferguson, Oakland Sanctions Israel !! SERIOUSLY !!

8-18-2014, Thousands of Pro-Palestinian Activists in Oakland California decided to create their own sanctions against Israel when they decided to set up a blockade to stop a “Zim Lines” ship, Which is Israelis largest shipping company. The ship was forced to change it’s original course and time and this blockade is being reported as a success. Also, there is communication between Oakland protesters and those trying to deal w/ corruption and the police state as well as Palestinians that are in Gaza are showing their support for both Oakland and Ferguson by giving advice on how to deal with, handle or counter certain tactics used by the police state for oppressing people in their goal of  “maintaining control”.

Martial Law In Ferguson Missouri

August 16, 2014.. It looks like the militarized police state has come full circle in Ferguson Missouri as Governor Nixon calls for a curfew now in the small town occupied by United States forces.

How Wrong Was The Media About The Ferguson Shooting

August 15, 2014.. After Michael Brown was shot dead by a police officer in Ferguson Missouri, things seemed to spiral down word into down right riots, justified or not, these are the facts. Today, Police Chief Thomas Jackson gave some long awaited information that now leaves us with more questions than answers. Other than the obviously nervous Man who was speaking and appeared to be thinking very carefully when choosing every word that came out of his mouth, by the end of the press conference people realized that somebody has been lyng big time for days if what he said was true. He admitted that “He had no choice” when it came to releasing the information, reason being is that the FOIA requests and pressure was just to much. He stated that everything “they” had has now been made public, including the name of the Police Officer who was involved in the incident, Officer Darren Wilson.

Who Really Runs America ? American Elites At The Western Wall In Jerusalem

With so many “officials”, Politicians, elitists, media moguls etc. etc. That seem to have great influence over The United States that are dual citizens of the U.S. and Israel, one must question who does their loyalty aline with. This is a short video showing pictures of American Politicians at the Western Wall which is located in the Old City of Jerusalem.

The Video Israel Doesn’t Want You To See !!


While most Americans support Israel without even knowing why.. And admitted and proud Zionists that control the media in America, it is no wonder Americans don’t get to see this side of Israel.


“We’re All Zionists !!” Geraldo Rivero Admits The Truth About The Media


August 1, 2014.. As Israel continues to murder Palestinians, the American propaganda machine hasn’t slowed down for a second. In fact that have actually picked up the pace in the race to win the hearts and minds of the American tax payers. With 1 Israeli confirmed killed and 1334 Palestinians killed, many Innocent Woman and children, the American media continues to try and convince people of why Israel should keep killing Palestinians. Unfortunately it isn’t hard to fool the American public, the rule of thumb is that if it is said on television.. Well, than it is true. Recently there has been some back and forth between Russell Brand and Sean Hannity about Israel and Palestine. On one of the panels on the Sean Hannity show, Geraldo Rivero made some statements that seemed to confirm some things that many people have been saying for quite some time now. That being that the American Corporate Owned Media is in the tank for Israel, and that the Israeli lobby is the most influential lobby on the United States Government. It seems that all of these accusations have been realized.

Hannity, FULL Segment



We’re All Zionists !!


Assault Victim Jailed To Ensure She’ll Testify

July 25, 2014.. A victim of assault and kidnapping has been imprisoned to ensure she will testify against the Man who had allegedly done this to her. 34 Year Old Faith Bronson is being detained in a cage in Lackawanna Country Prison although she is not even so much as charged w/ a crime, in fact, she is allegedly the victim of a crime. Reportedly, her boyfriend, Ross Bonaddio locked her in a house for 3 days and beat her before she escaped and the neighbors called the police. So the victim of this crime has a $25,000 bail or must sit in prison until the trial starts, earliest being September 7th. Click here to read more..


July 17, 2014.. At a meeting in Exeter, Sgt. Len Galli was fired for watching thousands of hours of hardcore porn while on duty. I went to the meeting and was the first one out the door. Knowing that I am not only banned from the “Steve Corbett Show” on WILK, but my name isn’t even allowed to be spoken. It’s obvious that Corbett would take the story and claim it as his own. Little did he know I had set this up knowing exactly how he would handle it. Lesson being that when you are a corporate owned populist hack, you are very predictable.


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